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The power of Dominican Cigars

Dominican cigars are derived from a combination of different tobacco, blends, and cigar making techniques that make these cigar tastes as special as their origins.

In 1959 after the Cuban revolution, many of Cuba’s best tobacco farmers and blenders emigrated to different regions of the Dominican Republic. Santa Domenica puros are grown from Cuban seeds, commonly known as “cigar filler tobacco”.  Ever since then, Cuban seeds have been used to produce Dominican cigars. Over the years the Dominican Republic has been producing cigars that will give the Cubans a run for their money.

Time, water, and the humid climate have established a valley in Santiago where the fertile soils make the perfect condition to produce some of the best puros in the world. Each region in the Dominican Republic has its own unique climate and soil, and therefore its own quality of tobacco.

Santa Domenica puros are produced in, our factory located in the Dominican Republic are a blend of tobaccos from nations including Brazil, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Cuba. The cigar blends mostly use Dominican tobacco as a filler and occasionally binders too. The three key elements of any cigar are comprised of ligero, seco and volado. These are the different parts of the tobacco plant.

Why Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic, with its afternoon rain showers, breezes, and abundant sunshine, is home to many premium cigar makers. The top cigar makers chose the Dominican Republic to grow their tobacco plants due to having soil very similar to Cuba. Although it is not the same, the rich soil will give the tobacco a flavorful taste that can truly compare with Cuban tobacco.

Only a true cigar connoisseur can tell the difference between a Dominican cigar and a Cuban cigar. A Santa Domenica puro is just that a Cuban seed grown in the Dominican Republic producing an exquisite tasting Dominican cigar made to please the most demanding smoker’s palate.

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